Intersport AB

At Intersport's central warehouse in Jönköping in Sweden, they have found the perfect balance in goods handling, and as a result of that, turnover has increased considerably. Truck and trolley solutions from Helge Nyberg are an important part of that work.

100% Increased Order Picking Speed

A couple of years ago Intersport’s warehouse went through major changes and efficiency has substantially increased. A lot thanks to truck and trolley solutions from Helge Nyberg AB. 

At Intersport they are very satisfied with the solutions from Helge Nyberg.
The trucks are used either with trolley for pallet handling or order picking. Floors are contected with a conveyor system for transferring goods.

IIntersport is a large, well-known chain for sporting goods. There are 135 stores in Sweden and 3 in Iceland. The central warehouse handling all distribution is located in Jönköping, Sweden

During mid 2000s Intersport finished their new central warehouse in Jönköping. The surface was increased by 10,000 m2 and all data support and equipment for handling of materials were updated. 
    To help them out Prolog Logistik in Borås executed thorough studies of the warehouse structure and the materials’ flow. The target was to optimise storage and handling of goods considering volume and picking frequency.

Paperless System
Today, the warehouse is separated in different floors. Incoming goods are handled on the bottom floor. Using trucks and conveyor system goods are then transferred to different sections in the warehouse. Goods handled with low frequency is placed in racking systems and goods handled with high frequency are placed on the floor. The box picking is executed on the mezzanine floor and constitutes almost fifty percent of all goods handled. All the trucks are equipped with terminals for a paperless handling. On the 5,000 m2 large mezzanine floor all handling is made with the help of six Ergobjörn trucks. Aisles are wide enough for  two trucks in width to avoid queues..

    ”The Ergobjörn truck is better than what we had hoped for. On the mezzanine floor 60 order lines are picked per hour compared to the bottom floor’s 30 order lines in the same amount of time”, says Jörgen Tegebäck, Warehouse Manager at Intersport in Jönköping. The Ergobjörn trucks are used in combination with trolleys which are specially adapted for pallet handling or box picking. Each trolley for box picking provides space for up to six customer orders.