Christmas Greetings

A farm is being built just outside Voi in Kenya. This will become the opportunity for some 30 orphan children to get the chance to develop and create supply on their own. This is a project which Helge Nyberg feels warmly for.

Masive is one of many orphans in Voi who is getting help through the project.

Voi is a non-profit project which started in our hometown Ulricehamn in 2004. Today it includes churches, companies, people, schools and other organisations, in and around Ulricehamn. Of course, Helge Nyberg as well. Therefore, we will give our Christmas Gift to Voi this year. A gift that honors us Voi's Lion Level - a place among the Big Five.

We have several reasons to support Voi. We, as a thriving company in a rich part of the world, has a responsibility that reaches beyond customers, owners and employees. The fact that the project is totally non-profit - all the money goes to the ones in need of help, has also been a crucial significance. We also like to support help that leads to self-help. This farm will hopefully be the beginning of a new life and an opportunity for livelihood for these orphan children. Hopefully it will lead to work and help to many others as well.

But, we also see the usefulness and joy being a part of the local society where we operate. We at Helge Nyberg for example, feel that it is important to allow trainees from local schools getting the chance to try out work at us. A committment in everyday life which, in the long run, is useful for both the students and for the future trolleys and trucks. Of course it feels very good to get the chance to support a local project like Voi, which provides for development and increased knowledge to young people.

So, with this letter instead of the traditional Christmas Greetings, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

CEO, Peter Sprigg