Online Shopping is No News for Us

Just returning from one of the world’s leading trade fairs for material handling – CeMAT in Hannover – I found out that Helge Nyberg is well equipped for the future. If you believe experts, and the signals we get, online shopping will grow. And following that the need of effective and ergonomic order picking. Within this area, we have great knowledge and experience. The reason is simple: Helge Nyberg is situated in Sweden’s most dense area for mailorder companies. Within a short distance we have the pioneers as well as the innovators among Sweden’s mail order companies.

We have worked with mail order companies for several decades. Together with them we have developed solutions for many different kinds of order picking methods. In certain cases, we have made special solutions which later on have 
become standard products in our range. In other cases we have solved warehouse logistics with the help of our competence and standard truck- and trolley solutions. So peoples’ need for quiet home shopping is no news to us. We have worked with those questions since long before the IT-age.

Truck with grip simplifies warehouse logistics.
But we don’t rest on our laurels. On the next page you can read about yet another unique solution from Helge Nyberg; a truck equipped with a grip that can be used for several different kinds of trolleys. Flexible and 



CEO Peter Sprigg

We Grow Together with our Customers

They have the clothes that can withstand all. But they were in an urgent need of warehouse logistics that could manage everything. Helge Nyberg was a large part of this solution. Now, Blåkläder is growing again.

Customer Case Blåkläder AB

Suitable for Different Types of Trolleys

Sometimes the best solution is the one most simple. That’s true for our latest Ergobjörn truck, which is a part of our Lift&Go-concept. With it’s grip construction it can handle many different types of trolleys.

    – Customers’ sometimes have trolleys that they consider well adapted for their needs. But instead of having to pull them manually or very slow with automatic trucks, they want to have the possibility to use fast and effective trucks. Then they’ll choose a Lift&Go-solution, says Helge Nyberg’s Export Manager Anders Toftmark.

The grip at the back of the truck lifts up the front part of the trolley in its frame approximately a decimetre from the floor. The trolley is then pulled on its rear wheels.
    – Another important function is the truck’s ladder. It is mounted on the trolley to avoid time consuming ladder changing between trolleys. This means effective and quick picking up to 3,5 m height.

Sucess at CeMAT

Not only our team in place at CeMAT Hannover showed interest in our taxi solution. Visitors’ interest were even bigger for this and other innovations. Our segmentation of different areas was equally appreciated, meaning this was the future way for optimal development of Lean Manufacturing. From the left; Richard Schmitt, Peter Sprigg, Anders Toftmark, Dan Karlsson and Jürgen Bergmann.