An ingeniously important detail for flexible logistics

There is an expression which says that the “Devil’s in the details”. Nothing could be more correct when referring to efficient and flexible logistics. Today our innovative clip from 1958 is the detail that allows us to offer our customers the flexibility to quickly adapt their trolleys on the basis of new transport needs or production conditions.

Let’s take it from the beginning. The clamp is the little gadget that keeps our trolleys’ shelves in place. By using these clamps the shelves can be moved or removed with a simple manoeuvre as required. Helge Nyberg’s revolutionary way of building trolleys provides significant benefits to their position on the market where most other trolleys have permanent shelves, which have been welded on. The shelves cannot be re- arranged and this results in a static solution.

When we launched the clamp in 1958 there was not such a great demand for it as there is today. Lean Manufacturing had not become part of the every day process in industry. We have now come to the conclusion that the clamp is an essential detail and now the market has caught up with our way of thinking regarding modular systems. Today we want to quickly switch transportation and production regardless of whether it involves the automotive industry, mail-order or hospital sectors. Modern companies create production environments based on a Lean Flow system which requires specially arranged trolleys. A trolley can be built based on the appearance and size of the various articles on the assembly line.

Another detail, the importance of which should not be underestimated, that costs money and physical effort, is the weight of the trolleys and the easiness to manoeuvre compared to how much load they can carry. With more and more women in the industry, we have noticed how the need for light trolleys with a large capacity has increased. 
    “Strangely enough it appears that men will benefit from the lighter trolleys as well”.

Our recent cooperation with Electrolux Laundry Systems is a good example of how we combine attention to detail with the overall picture to create the most efficient solution. We at Helge Nyberg helped them to shorten lead times through flexibly arranged trolleys where materials are picked in a sequence.