We Meet Our Customers' Needs in Their Everyday Working Situation

We can only establish: As easy as our trolleys, Helge Nyberg is rapidly moving forward. One after another discover the advantages with our products and solutions. Production is running full speed and our company continue to grow. Of course, very pleasant, but most important it is a proof that we're doing the right thing. Our customers are satisfied. And satisfied customers having received solutions perfectly adapted for their needs, is the target for everyone at Helge Nyberg.

One way to reach our target is visible in the picture above. Folders with illustrations showing well functioning logistics in different  market segments. everyone in the business can recognize their own situation. In this very moment we’re finishing olders for eCommerce & Order Picking, Health Care & Hospital and Industry & Manufacturing. Within a near future we will also have folders for Service & Support and Automotive & Vehicle.

     The folders describe our specialist competence in short, for standard and for specially adapted solutions. We point out needs and functions where we can provide the best total solutions. This means that we continue our efforts to be the real specialists on light material handling solutions. We put a lot of effort in meeting our customers in their every day working situation. In their every day work with everything concerning logistics and demands. We are convinced that this is the right route to follow considering the increased significance for simple, effective and ergonomic logistic solutions.

That is why it’s so nice to see our busy engineers and the high production  occupancy, and that our salesmen meet both existing customers with new requirements and potential customers who have just discovered what we can do for them.

Customers may even return after 50 years or so, not because the trolleys we delivered in the past are broken, but simply because they need additional ones. Indeed, that is also a proof.


                                          Peter Sprigg


Helge Nyberg Guest at Toyota

Toyota in the Czech Republic has many and very satisfied customers. They define this by inviting them to Toyota Demo Days 2011. During this day they will display news and present future products and solutions. As an important partner and part of these future solutions, we are invited to show what Helge Nyberg can do for Toyota's customers.

    – It becomes more evident that the industry is looking for the type of solutions we provide - concepts with truck and trolley. Therefore, Toyota is of course interested in presenting us as an important partner on this Toyota Demo Days. They have a strong focus on our products, says Peter Sprigg.