We Promise You Even More Efficiency in Business

Time is closing in on Christmas. A time when most of us have some time off to spend with our family and friends. Christmas is also a time filled with anticipation and preparation for the coming year. The grand finale – New Year’s Eve – is usually about promises of amends, maybe spending more time at the gym or out running.

I will though provide you all with an early New Year’s promise: 2013 will be an unusually innovations-intense year, even compared to Helge Nyberg standards! If material handling, business improvement and efficient logistic solutions, are things you feel strongly about, you will have a great deal to look forward to. Predictions and prognoses are also a tradition at this time of year. Two very noticeable trends for 2013 are online shopping and LEAN/TPS (Toyota Production System). 

At Helge Nyberg, we always work close to the market, and actively develop solutions for both new and existent needs. We have a strong connection with the Swedish mail order business, many of them situated close to our premises. And with confidence, and not the least also with a sense of pride, I’m looking forward to the same continuous development those businesses’ have had, worldwide. Accessibility and fast deliveries are crucial factors, whether you are a B2C or a B2B company. LEAN/TPS are no news, but the force of the philosophies, attracts new actors such as schools and hospitals to create “more value for less money”. There is no doubt that we are facing exciting times.

Thank you for the past year, and we at Helge Nyberg AB, wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Kind regards
Peter Sprigg, CEO

This Year’s Christmas Gift – our Support to Voi and the Children in Kenya

Helge Nyberg wholeheartedly support the local aid project Voi, and for several years has been one of the main sponsors. The project aims to create an education and development center for HIV/AIDS and ecological upkeep. Another aim of the project is for the orphans to become economically self-sufficient.

Voi is a town and municipality in south east Kenya, approximately 330 kilometers from the capital Nairobi, and 160 kilometers from the coastal city Mombasa.  Kenya is among the ten African countries worst affected by AIDS and Voi has been hit harder than the country in general.

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