So simple, yet so smart

Mont Blanc AB in Dalsjöfors Sweden manufactures a range of racks and holders for the car industry. In order to provide a smart material handling solution they have selected an Ergobjorn truck and trolley equipped with an automatic lifting table.

For some time, Mont Blanc have worked to improve their in-house material handling creating a way of working which means the best in ergonomics for personnel, efficient material replenishment and optimum use of warehouse space.

Mont Blanc AB

So simple, yet so smart

On receipt of their enquiry for a specially adapted solution, we consulted our archives. We often surprise ourselves with the amount of smart solutions that we have developed along side our partners and customers. Please find some of them detailed below.

Lifting Table

An integrated truck and trolley solution, with a fast moving automatic lifting-table. Eliminating heavy lifting and improved operator ergonomics.

Movie - Lifting Table

Lift & Go

Our Lift & Go concept has been developed to handle the transportation of trolleys already in use in the customers “fleet”. This system can easily be adapted to suit different kinds of trolleys.

Movie - Lift & Go

Waste Handling

Handling corrugated cardboard and other material for recycling can be time consuming work. We have solutions which mean easy handling providing savings for both time and personnel.


Tools can be heavy equipment and service technicians often have long distances to cover. With a truck and an integrated service cabinet it becomes a far easier task to move equipment around the shop floor.

Dolly Picker

Small items are often handled in boxes and crates, transported with different kinds of dollies. Our unique dolly picker makes it possible to handle dollies from both the left and the right side in a flexible and easy way.

Movie - Dolly Picker

Box Handling

We call this solution a moving workplace. The customer often integrates this solution with truck computers, scanners and their own ERP system. The operator need not get off the truck unnecessarily. That’s world class ergonomics!

Movie - Box Handling