Order picking made efficient with manual Ergobjörn Trolleys

Since the 1970's and up until 2009, Apoteket AB had the sole right managing pharmaceutical retailing. Today, anyone fulfilling certain legal demands, can be granted permission from The Medical Products Agency (Swedish national authority) to manage pharmaceutical retailing. 
The expected improvements were additional enterprising, and widened availability of pharmaceuticals for consumers. Since the re-regulation and until May 2013, the number of pharmacies have increased with 356.

Besides the increased number of pharmacies in Sweden, other companies as well, are able to offer additional services for logistics and distribution. At Helge Nyberg AB, we are pleased that important providers in this market have turned to us. And furthermore pleased with the fact that we have been able to help them finding solutions for their specific needs, for example concerning order picking.

Please read our customer case from Postnord Logistics TPL AB below.

Peter Sprigg, CEO Helge Nyberg AB

Postnord Logistics TPL AB