Strong Trends for Efficient Material Transport

An increasing need of more efficient methods for delivering material has meant a great interest in our flexible towing and picking trucks with trolleys. Instead of having several pallets next to every work station, materials are delivered rapidly, and on demand from production, using truck and trolleys in a so called milkrun.

På Helge Nyberg AB är vi väl bekanta med de begrepp som beskriver arbetet med förbättrade produktionsflöden. Lean production, kanban-system, pull-metod, push-metod och så vidare. Vi kan hjälpa till med att skapa ett ständigt och smidigt flöde av materialtransport till produktionslinor.


Our Ergobjörn Taxi Solution makes it possible to handle pallets in a train. This is an important issue, when several companies wish to reduce the number of fork-lift trucks in their production. We focus on a clean and simple handling of the internal trolleys, together with an ergonomic aspect concerning maximum load.

Taxi - Film

Taxi Flex

What's the best way of transporting several trolleys in a train in a narrow-spaced production? The Ergobjörn Taxi Light Solution is excellent for transporting standard trolleys and dollies to different production stations. We focus on efficiency and the internal trolleys are easily handled without any lifting devices.

Taxi Flex - Film

Kit Trolleys

Also called sequence trolleys. This means that trolleys are delivered with the material required for a certain manufacturing process. This increases flexibility, and less material require space next to assembly stations and in production.

With our new truck series Ergobjörn 700, we strengthen our position within the industrial sector. The truck can pull up to 1,500 kg with a variation of smart trolley solutions.

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Accelerating in Germany!

We find the increasing demand for our solutions with truck and trolleys in Germany very pleasing. Right now, we intensify our German focus and expand our organisation.
Together, we're looking forward to create further collaborations and business'. 

To meet the market's need, we strengthen our organisation with two Area Managers in Germany. We welcome them to Helge Nyberg AB and look forward to an exciting year.
Read more about our German sales force below.

Ralf Träger

Area Manager Germany

Ralf has been studying logistics and marketing both in Berlin and London. He also has a long experience from our industry, working with solutions oriented assignments involving system sales and logistics. Ralf is situated in Leipzig, and will cover the North-eastern parts of Germany. 

Contact Information:
Phone. +49 171 18 24 136

Steffen Kammerer
Area Manger Germany, Switzerland and Austria

Since two years, we have Steffen stationed in Germany. He has solid knowledge of our range of trolleys and trucks. With his long experience of solution based sales he is the right man in the right place. Steffen is situated in Ehingen and covers the Southern parts of Germany, as well as Austria and Switzerland.

Contact Information:
Phone. +49 176 249 90 304