The Feeling of Anticipation...

At Helge Nyberg AB, a lot has happened during the year, but a few things are well worth highlighting. We have been at a couple of trade fairs with following exiting business'. We have built a digital platform with a brand new webpage as a heart, soon to be launched in English... With hearts in mind, we have also made a health journey with all employees, and the result of that will be checked during spring 2015.

We wish to continue our journey in creating a more sustainable development and efficient daily work also for our customers. Our contribution to this is, among other things, the development of smart products and solutions. 

But, the end of this year is closing in and we're looking forward to the coming with anticipation. We also wish for others to be able to have the same feeling of hope and faith in the future. Therefore our Christmas Gift this year is helping the children in the village of Voi in Kenya.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The Voi Project

The Voi Project started ten years ago in our hometown Ulricehamn. The aim is to give help to self help. The village, situated 150 kilometers from Mombasa, is severely marked following the AIDS epedemic and 50 orphans now get individual help with occupation in school or work, clothes, food and houses to live in etc.

The church is responsible, but several schools, companies and organisations are involved in the work. Also, individuals are contributors and some are also personal sponsors to the children. All work is non-profit and every collected coin is dedicated to the work in Voi.
End of last year, a new guest house was opened, because the existing Bogesunds House started to get too small. The houses are places for activities that the children gather for, and for guests visiting. All the income from visiting guests are spent on further operations within the project. 

The Voi Project