The hospital truck of the future is now here!

Our multi-functional truck enables hospitals to use one single truck for a variety of transportation needs. Please contact us if you would like to know more about our multitruck or how you can make the internal material handling at you workplace more efficient. We are here to find a solution that is developed to fit your needs. 

During the latest years have Helge Nyberg AB successfully differentiated the market into diverse segments. One of the segments we specialise within is Health Care & Hospital. As part of our focus of this area we now expand our product range of Ergobjörn trucks with a multitruck for hospitals.

It became apparent to us that there was a need of a more efficient flow for internal transports, when we analysed them together with representatives from various hospitals. Our aim became to develop a truck solution that managed the demands that had emerged during our close meetings with the hospitals.

With great pleasure and pride we now expand our product range with a further solution that facilitate and make the daily life of our customers within Health Care & Hospital more efficient. The Ergobjörn multitruck is the solution and just as the name implies is the truck multifunctional. The solution is also a strong complement to our previous solutions for internal transports within our segment of Health Care & Hospital.

Transportation of people

The multitruck is a functional and flexible truck that allows transports in narrow aisles and stable driving in tight corners. The truck is constructed to accommodate transportation of people and is equipped with a custom seat for that purpose. The solution can successfully be used in elevators during transports thanks to low weight and small dimensions. Regarding the clinical environment that hospitals demand is the truck also developed with a durable surface that is easy to keep clean. 

Transportation of wheelchairs

The multitruck is developed to manage ergonomic transports of more then just people. The truck is designed to make internal transports of both people and material more effective. The highly flexible truck enables efficient transportats of wheelchairs, incubators, pharmaceuticals and other medical equipment.

Transportation of beds

The multitruck allows transports of bedridden patients, which of course requires both comfortable and secure transports that are completely free from heavy lifting. Our ergonomic solution enables employees to meet these requirements. The multitruck is also designed and manufactured to withstand transports of beds in elevators.