2015 is the best year, so far, in Helge Nyberg's history.

Last year proved to be a success for Helge Nyberg AB, with a sharp increase of 20%.

– We’re incredibly proud and excited about our strong results. Already in the plans for 2015 we believed in a powerful year. But this increase exceeds our expectations, Peter Sprigg, CEO, says.

Helge Nyberg develops and manufactures trucks and trolleys in Ulricehamn, Sweden, in the trademark Ergobjörn. Our vision is about how best to simplify and costefficient warehouses and logistics and trohugh years of experience, we have become the in-house material handling specialist.
Our products and solutions are availible worldwide in over 60 countries. Exports has increased significantly during the year and is current at 55% of the company’s sales.

Helge Nyberg AB had a sharp increase of 20% in 2015. Peter Sprigg’s and the company’s strategy is based on continued growth, even as he looks ahead.

– We’re facing a number of exciting product launches in 2016 and we continue to have a positive faith in the future, Peter Sprigg says.